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April 12, 2006

Unprotected forests: Addressing the President

Protective Forests (green belts around cities, lakes, rivers) will no longer exist according to the new version of Russian Forest Code, that can be approved in April. Ecologists, scientists and all responsible citizens are addressing President V.V. Putin with request for his personal control over Forest Code elaboration. There are more than 250 Karelian citizens participating in this action.
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March 23, 2006

Special department for Regional Protected Areas

SPOK held a press-conference on the 23 of march in Petrozavodsk. There we made a suggestion to create republican department of regional Protected Areas in the course of the executive power reform of Karelia. Such structures now exist in neighboring regions - Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions.
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March 10, 2006

Rosleskhos authorities promised to interfere with illegal Karelleskhos cuttings

The meeting of Rosleskhos public council was held on the 9th of march. Representatives of the largest Russian NGO concerned about forests participated. There were representatives of both National Councils of forest certification, FSC, Greenpeace, WWF, International Socio-Ecological Union, Biodiversity conservation centre, International Forest Institute, Russian-Swedish program of forestry cooperation, World Bank, Rosleskhos and several other Russian forest authorities.
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March 9, 2006

Does Karelia need Karelleskhos?

Karelian Forest Complex has to survive in the conditions of permanent changing of forest management rules. And only constructive position of regional power institutions can help to reduce economical and ecological damage caused by continuous changes. In Karelia these institutions are Ministry of state property and natural recourses and Federal Forestry Agency But the isolation of government bodies, that can influence forest management, results in stagnation and economical losses of lumbermen. There are over 80% unprofitable timber enterprises in Karelia, and, on the other hand, their activity damages forest ecosystems.
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March 7, 2006

The sixth issue of SPOK bulletin is published

This issue includes:
- The review article "Karelian forests. Winter (December 2005 - February2006)";
- Article "Protected Areas as indicator Timber Industry Complex stability";
- Information of SPOK activity for the period;
- Common information about the organization.
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